THETA X Multi-Bracketing

Hi Everybody,

I was testing the new Theta X for VFX but is limited to set only 13 sets.

(I don’t won’t use plugs or apps cause missing ev for what we need also not supported yet)

So I wish to be able to add more 5 set of stops to have at least 18 like on the Z1, and I can see on the X I can clearly set more range manually but for me just having extra sets would be enough for my shooting and I wouldn’t require any plug. Because X doesn’t have raw at least Ricoh could allow us more sets on bracketing really I felt not Great they just locked that?

So how to ask Ricoh for some help on this, please?
Maybe a update allowing more sets

I don’t want go to the root of learn and write a completely plug to just get extra stops set manually is not possible cause the amount of time between shooting shots and I love the 11k and screen exchangeble battery on the X is so easy to see and check on the camera for me save so much time so please Ricoh some help



We can report this back to RICOH for VFX. However, as it it built into the firmware as 2 to 13, I am not sure if they will be able to implement it in the near future. There also might be technical limitation for this. I’m not sure what the V with firmware 3.00.1 or later can take 2 to 19 and the X can’t, but that is a built-in limitation at the moment.

Well, Interesting the V can have 19 but not the X, Basically I’m confused if they update the firmware to support to 19 like V would work right? I hope they will cause still stich issues changing betwen multi-brackets shots which also a big deal.

Maybe I don’t know how that works but if they update firmware would support right? or they won’t updated at all to make better camera? or is a hardware limitation?

I don’t know the reason for the limitation on the X.

It is interesting that the V was updated from 13 to 19 shots in bracket shooting with firmware 3.00.1.

I don’t know if the same upgrade would be possible for the X in the future.

Oh I see, Thanks for the update I guess let’s wait and see I hope will be possible.
thanks for reply Craig!

I’m meeting with a manager of RICOH today and have this question on the agenda. He may not know himself if there is a technical limitation. For example, it’s possible that heat might be a consideration.

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The developer of this app is @Pixel on this forum.

He’s ordered a THETA X and plans to support the X model in the future.

The current HDRI app has a limitation of 9 brackets, but you can run two sets of brackets manually.

Does your workflow allow you to use a mobile app? Or, do you need the 18 brackets to be shot without a mobile app?

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Hi Craig,

Actually I’m on Android but the all point for me is to not use mobile app is all on the camera only with the 18/19 Bracketing like the V if is possible. is way easier and fast in terms of usage on the shooting days


In your usage, how long does the V take for each bracket? Is it 4 seconds per bracket (depending on exposure)? Or, is it sub-second per bracket.

I don’t normally use the bracket. I’m assuming that it is taking 4 seconds per bracket, but I wanted to confirm.

I don’t have the V I have the Z but on the Z and On X is really fast specially we do fast shutter for the lights and at the end is just one or two with 1 maybe 2 second shutter so is extremmelly fast on the X the bracketing of 13 all is about 5 seconds all brackets on 11K presumably extra 2 or 3 seconds for the extra sets of the 19 exposures on the Z is about 10 seconds all brackets with dng’s

Thank you for this additional information. I will report back to RICOH again next week with this additional information regarding the 18 or 19 brackets:

  • better to be in-camera without using a mobile app for the convenience of the workflow
  • fast time of completion for 19 brackets (10 seconds total for DNG images at 19 exposures)
  • for the X, 13 brackets takes 5 seconds. Would like to take 19 brackets. Hoping for 7 or 8 seconds total for the X to take 19 brackets. This seems possible due to what is possible with the Z1, but only if the X has 19 brackets that can be taken quickly (each bracket is under 1 second)

I also have some additional information from the HDR app developer @Pixel that I will include in the report.

In the last meeting, we mistakenly thought that the brackets were taking 2 to 4 seconds per bracket and that the API to take a single picture could be used to take 19 separate shots in sequence despite the limitation of the 13 brackets in the X API.

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Thanks Craig for the help and report then appreciated the effort :pray:t4: fingers crossed they can get something possible.


The next meeting with RICOH is on Thursday. In the meantime, I got this comment from someone at Adobe supporting the development of Adobe Substance 3D.


Me: Would the HDRI quality be improved with the THETA X which shoots at 11K JPG images? Do you intend to get a THETA X for testing?

Adobe Substance 3D: For now, not in resolution. Sampler is limited to 4096x2048 export resolution for light envs.
Looks like the X is worse in minimum shutter speed than the Z1: only 1/16000 vs 1/25000. I’d not recommend it at all for that reason, you’ll have even less usable stops in outdoor settings (The Z1’s biggest limitation). Maybe there’s higher F-numbers on the X, but i can’t find that info online.

Thanks to @Pixel for giving me the tip to watch the Adobe Substance 3D video. I’m not experienced with the HDRI files for VFX and am learning about it in baby steps.

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Hi Craig,

Actually totally depend the light situation I always set the lower iso in this case at X “50” this is much less light and the F2.4, is some normal light scene the X has enough brackets for it but in low light scenes (usually used on studio for advertising) is okay but missing bright brackets to help.

For outside Sun light (really bright scene) of corse no 360 consumer camera can shoot that, included the Z because required more precision and fast and ND filters so on this case we use DSLR anyway (so for companies grabing HDRI outside to clean photogrammetry models well won’t work)

I will give you an user case, Today I used my X to shoot again a commercial HDRI for VFX to replace Laptop to a CGI one (big brand but I can mention the product yet)
Worked but I had to set extra slow shutter to get brighter sets this case the extra set would save me time. With one click and run all brackets.

Because those scenes was need to replace on live action table and etc the normal dslr rig is not great and to tested I tried with the Z in one shot and the X
Actually X was so easy with screen exchange battery I didn’t use the Z and I realise X had great results to not bad the jpgs 11k we tested and we was really happy with results, but of course because I had to change manually the 5 extra stops toke me sometime and director on the back saying we need move on and etc, but I have to say it was fast with X if I had all in one go would be more faster and on shooting with actors make up products clients fast is best.


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Thanks for this additional use case. I will put it in the agenda for the RICOH meeting.

appreciate the additional information.

Thanks Craig, my apologies for the quickly writing and bad English haha as I still on shooting.

Looking forward what they can do with all info

Hi Craig,

Any news on the multi-bracket? from your meeting with Ricoh.


We ran out of time in the meeting last Thursday. I hope to cover it today.

Thanks for fast reply, Thank you I hope you have time to raise this request.


Hi Craig,

any news about the bracketing on Theta X or if they will give us a way of unstitched images so we could use ptgui to get more consistent stitches?