Theta X support for Bluetooth microphone

Has anyone had success using a Bluetooth microphone to Theta X? I successfully paired a Bluetooth headset to the X with no problems. I can hear audio out from the camera (eg sound notifications) in my headset, but audio in from the headset microphone was not picked up in the 360 video I recorded. Given the X has no audio input jack, adding Bluetooth mic support seems to be an obvious feature to add. The X’s QCS605 chipset supports Bluetooth 5, so should be feasible to add support if it is not already there. Is it on Ricoh’s X roadmap? +1 if you agree.

Can you list the device that you tested and if possible, a cheap device that would provide a reasonable test? I’ve been wanting to test this myself, but I do not know too much about bluetooth microphones. I’ve been trying to find the cheapest bluetooth microphone on Amazon that would be feasible to test.

I tested with my Enacfire wireless headphones (which has a mic), rather than a dedicated bluetooth microphone. It paired with Theta X OK and camera audio out worked fine. Microphone audio in did not work, no audio was recorded by Theta X.

So not a conclusive test and Bluetooth has various profiles so could work with a dedicated mic but I’ve not seen mention of it anywhere. Hence why I am asking if anyone has tried with any success. Or if you can enquire of Ricoh the current status and any plans.

Other people have asked about the microphone and I have unsuccessfully tested my headset, same as you.

We can report to RICOH, but I am trying to organize information status of test to make it easier to report.

It’s possible someone in the community has a positive test report.

I have not heard of any positive test report yet.

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Hi Craig, could you take this topic to Ricoh please, asking if they do (or will soon) support Bluetooth microphones. I think it is a very reasonable feature to support for such a camera. But it becomes an essential feature for streaming to avoid air noise picked up by the internal microphone when a fan is used for cooling. A fan is required to prevent Theta X thermal shutdown after 10 min use for wireless streaming.

@jcasman brought this up in the meeting last week. Our contact indicated they would ask around. I’ll add it to the agenda again for Thursday.

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thank you, do let us know what Ricoh said.

We are still trying to get more information. We explained the in use case for using a Bluetooth microphone.

Update: 6/28/2023

Is it possible to use a USB microphone instead of a Bluetooth microphone?