THETA Z1 Sample DNG RAW Images

Please post sample DNG RAW images for testing in this topic. Only post images that you are okay if other people use for testing software. Common tests include color correction, stitching, and conversion to another format such as 16 bit TIFF.

Process to contribute

  • Put DNG image on Google Drive, DropBox or equivalent
  • Put link to the file on this forum
  • Add usage, attribution or license restrictions as a note. If you do specify a license, it will be assumed to be the same as posting to this forum, which is Creative Commons.

Outdoor exterior shot of store and parking lot.

Exterior of store 2

Interior of store 1

interior to store with product on shelves

store interior bags and shoes

store interior garden and outdoor living

parking lot and empty commercial space

Updated media May 2021 with Z1 firmware 1.80.1
Outdoor park shots,,,,,