Tutorial: Using Photoshop to Resize, brighten, change orientation of THETA Images

This is in response to a question on the official forum and ongoing discussions regarding editing exif data and with hugin.

It occurred to me that the person might simply want to resize a single THETA image with Photoshop. In that case, here’s a workflow.

Original Image

In THETA desktop application, default position.

In Windows photo viewer.

Export XMP data

Here’s a closeup of the menu selection.

Edit in Photoshop

Change Center Focus

Use Filter → Other → Offset

Change Horizontal pixels. Make sure Wrap Around is selected.

Adjust Image Size

Test at 30% of original size.

Adjust brightness and contrast

Export image as JPG

New image at 30% of original resolution.

Image size was reduced from close to 4 MB to 0.27 MB. This might be useful for archival photos for surveillance or construction.


The image must be 2:1 ratio.

Thanks to @Svendus for explaining most of these technqiues.