USB Data Transfer

I have heard that there is a problem with USB Data Transfer to a HDD. I have been unable to use this function even though I formatted the HDD with the correct format. This would be an extremely useful plugin, but I find it strange that it is an included plugin yet it does not work.

Does anyone have any information.

As an aside the format that you have to use for the HDD is archaic, very difficult for the average user to navigate.

Thank you.

There’s an old discussion here that might help.

Thanks I know about that, the problem is that it is not working. Any idea how or whom to speak to about this? Like another member stated in November I believe that it shows an error 1 when you attempt to transfer files on both the camera and using the app. There was no answer or solution to the problem posted.


Was just looking at this video :

Clearly, it is working for some people. Is your config different in any way than what he is using? Have you checked the USB drive to see if anything copied?

I would try it with a different USB flash drive if you have one.

If it is still failing, I would post your configuration and precisely how it is failing.

I would test it myself, but I don’t have a V, I have an S. If you are still stuck, I can borrow a V from a friend and try it myself.


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Hi Tom, I am attempting to get this to work on a Z1. I just ordered another usb drive to test that.

I have a theta V but will have to get the otg for that one to test it.

If anyone has had success with this recently and especially on a Z1 that would be good to know, this video is from March 2018.


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