Use Image Bitrate to Optimize Clarity and File Size

The image bitrate can be adjusted on the RICOH THETA X and Z1 to reduce the filesize of the image at the expense of some loss of clarity. By testing the trade-off, developers can optimize the load delay of a web-based viewing experience with the need for clear images.

The smaller the file, the faster the image will load in a web browser. However, smaller file sizes offer less clarity.

Image bitrate API.

compare 11K THETA X vs 5.4K SC2 at similar file sizes

shot setup

The camera is 3’ 6" from a box of snacks.

within 3 feet

approx 10 feet

increase bitrate


  • contact @jcasman for the most recent version of the app

Installation Process

Using an Android phone, go to this forum and click on the link for android apk.

Open with Package Installer.


Select install


Unsafe app. We are trying to submit the app to Google Play. The app is still under review.


Install Anyway



connect Android phone to camera


press connect

select options

make sure camera is in image mode

set bitrate, get bitrate, take picture

repeat process for other bitrates

press back arrow to return to home screen

verify size


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I downloaded and tested the apk on a Pixel 4 running Android 13.

  • Very smooth and easy install, no unsafe app messages
  • Took pictures on a THETA X with bitrate settings at 1M, 5M, 10M and 21M. No HDR.
  • Took same sequence with HDR
  • Obvious direct correlation between bitrate setting and filesize
  • Not a large difference between No HDR and HDR settings. This surprised me.

That’s interesting that the warning message had changed.

The the image clarity look any different to you between the 3.7MB 11K file and the 10.1MB file?

It would be nice if you could take some interior car shots and post the test results on some place like Google Drive or

Even better if you can also post SC2 shots.