Video Orientation Problem When Camera is Held Sideways?

This is in response to a question about holding the camera sideways when taking a video. I haven’t encountered any problems myself using video made with the camera held sideways. Is there a problem that I’m not aware of.

THETA mounts as a camera. Not importing files.

Drag and drop video file from THETA onto desktop disk.

Opening the video in Windows Movie and TV player shows spheres upside down. Camera is sideways.

If the camera is held upright, the video spheres are side to side.

However, when you drop the video onto the Ricoh desktop app, they both appear upright.

If I drop the video into After Effects, it looks fine.

Check with top/bottom correction when rendering the circular video to Equirectangular
in the THETA application

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Thanks. I passed this information on to the guy in the official forum that asked about it.