Weird ticking sound

Hello everyone. Does anyone have a solution to this sound? It’s a theta V. I don’t know what to do. 11 november 2021 - YouTube Thank you.

Hello everyone help please. A while ago a weird ticking sound popped up. I have no idea how to solve this. I have a theta V. 11 november 2021 - YouTube

Are you processing the file at all with a video editor? Or, is that file straight from the camera?

If the file is straight from the camera,

  • update the camera firmware
  • post process of how you are downloading the file

There could be a problem with the microphone on the camera. However, you should eliminate software problems first before you attempt to return it.

No straight from the camera. Updated the firmware but it didnn’t solve the problem. No difference between downloading to smartphone or computer.

Did you just get the camera?

There may be a physical defect in the microphone connection.

Is it still under warranty?

I’m assuming that when you play the video file on your local computer or mobile phone, you have the weird ticking sound on the local file, right?

I just read your original post and see that you have a THETA V. Try plugging an external microphone into the microphone jack and try again. The jack is a special 4 channel audio jack for spatial audio, but I think you will get stereo with a stereo microphone.

Yes i have and it is still under warranty
Lucky me.

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I do not have a microphone.

my personal opinion is to try and return it.

Note that I don’t work for RICOH, I’m just a member of the community. If it is new, it seems to me that the safest course of action is to return it for a refund or exchange.

I will send it to have it repaired. Thanks