Windows error for both of my Theta Cameras


I’ve been using a Ricoh Theta SC for a couple of years now to capture bracketed 360s to generate HDRs for my digital art, and it’s always worked perfect. I had no need to use it for a little while (probably 6-7 months), and just the other day I got a sweet deal on the discontinued Theta V. I decided to charge them both up and do some comparison shots after updating the firmware. Well, I did just that, plugged them in and downloaded the photos. I did not see any option to safely remove hardware or eject the cameras, so I just unplugged them as I have always done before. Now, if my computer goes to sleep or is shut down, the second I power it back up, I get these error message popups…like 16+ at once, and they all say the same thing but with alternating camera types.

I have never had this issue in the past with the SC and it only started since I downloaded the latest theta basic app for windows. I tried uninstalling, but I’m still getting this error multiple times per day and it’s really starting to bug me because there isn’t even an identifiable background process to turn off.

Thank you in advance.