YouTube Live Streaming with WebRTC and Lower Latency

After reading the excellent articles below, I started to check out options for WebRTC and THETA V plug-ins.

We usually use RTMP for live streaming 4K 360 video to Facebook and YouTube. I’ve heard that WebRTC offers lower latency compared to RTMP and am interested in learning more about this.

I know that the THETA V plug-in for the RICOH Cloud API using WebRTC for streaming video, but have not tried to adapt this example for use with YouTube.

Both the Wireless Live Streaming Plug-in using RTMP and the RICOH Cloud API example using WebRTC are listed in the Plug-in Development Getting Started Guide Main Example section. These plug-ins and 9 other open source examples of plug-ins are available on GitHub.

If anyone gets any WebRTC stream going directly to YouTube from the THETA V, please post test results. There’s so much innovation going on in the live streaming space, especially for 360 video, it’s awesome. Really feels like we’re on the cusp of some good telepresence experience for the masses. It’s obviously early days right now, but the future is getting closer.

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