Z1 Battery Consumption

I did some testing of how long the battery of the Z1 will last for different use cases.

Three use cases cover the Z1 running idle, ready to shot:

  1. w/o BT & WiFi: up and running, without Bluetooth and WiFi active
  2. w/ BT & WiFi: up and running, with Bluetooth and WiFi active, but not connected
  3. connected to app w/ preview: connected to the Android app via Bluetooth and WiFi, streaming the preview image

Two more use cases cover the Z1 actually shooting images resp. video:

  1. interval shooting at 10 sec: taking Raw+JPEG images every 10 sec
  2. video recording: Recording video in ‘4K’

The following graph shows the results:

As expected, video drains the battery pretty fast, independent of whether the video is actually recorded or just previewed.

But even the camera just running idle without any connectivity will drain the battery completely in three hours, so using the sleep mode or even powering it down completely is almost essential in most usage scenarios.

I haven’t tested yet how long the battery will last in sleep mode. Any experiences or measurements?


Helpful! Thanks for posting this as it confirms that my unit is probably not defective, I’m usually #2 and #3.