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Z1 Downgrade (1.60.1. ---> 1.40.1.)

Hi! Is there any way to downgrade the Z1 firmware version from the 1.60.1 back to the 1.40.1.?

Downgrade is not possible. Though, there might be a fix for DFE on this forum if you search for the DFE information.

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Thanks a lot Craig! That’s exactly the fix what I’ve been looking for. However, I was searching and searching but did not find it on this forum. Can you give me a more information where I can find it? Thanks!

It doesn’t look like the plug-in was updated since August 19, 2020.

What is the error you are getting when you try and use the plug-in?

The problem was that I got error when trying install the DFE Plugin. I was wondering why this happened because other plugins from the store installed correctly. I was thinking that maybe DFE isn’t compatible with the latest Z1’s firmware version…

BUT the problem was surprisingly in the antivirus-software. When I shut it down the DFE installed correctly.

BTW, thanks for your quick response. This forum is great!


Great to hear you resolved the problem. Also, thanks for letting us know about the antivirus software. It will help other people. Have a nice day with the DFE Plug-in. :slight_smile: