Automatically Share RICOH THETA Images Through Google Photos From Android Phones

You can easily configure your Android mobile phone to automatically push RICOH THETA images to Google Photos. Once on Google Photos, you can share the images links through Photos or email and have it viewable in a web browser, Google Daydream, HTC Vive, and other devices.

The settings are a bit buried.

Once it’s configured, you can go to Google Photos and select individual photos to share.


Go to Settings


Go to System


Go to Advanced


Go to Backup


Go to Photos & Video




Toggle Selection Switch for RICOH THETA



Select share button on the photo to share with your friends.



I believe this is not available in iOS. If anyone knows otherwise, please let me know!

In the Settings → General setup in my iPhone 6 Plus (iOS version 11.3.1), all I can find that is similar to the detailed steps in the post is the settings for “iPhone Storage” which includes the option of using Apple’s iCloud Photo Library.

Here’s a screenshot:

And in the iOS version of the Google Photos app, it does not appear to have the same options as the Android version.

Here’s a screenshot:

Has anyone done this in iOS?

Do you have Google Drive installed on your iPhone? maybe there’s a way to back up the folder using Google Drive?

@jcasman, can you take a look at the location where iOS saves the RICOH THETA images? Does iOS save the THETA images into the Camera Folder?


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After you transfer images from the THETA camera to the THETA app, they are saved at the same time in the iOS Camera app, yes.

Does that mean it automatically gets pushed to Google Photos? Have you tried it?

If you take a picture on the THETA using iOS, are you saying that it doesn’t get pushed to Google Photos?

As far as I can tell, it does not get pushed to Google Photos. I have tried setting this up, I do not see how it can be done in iOS. I am also trying to set it up with Google Drive on iOS. Not successful so far.


Pictures appear to be automatically uploading in Google Photos on iOS! I was adjusting the settings yesterday, maybe there was a lag in uploads or something. This looks like it might be working. Back shortly with more info.

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Please check the following:

  • how long is the delay between the time you take a picture and see the picture on Google Photos?
  • can you set the resolution (as @Svendus indicated) to full resolution?

The full resolution will likely use your Google Drive storage allocation, but that is fine for sharing some pictures.

You can set the resolution as @Svendus indicated. You can choose High Quality (lower res) or Original (higher res).

Does this mean that it works perfectly on iOS if you click on this slider button?


and then set the upload size to Original?


Are there any problems?

Was it backing up the photos earlier and you just didn’t notice it? Or, is there another setting?

I believe that might be it. It appears to work, with very little delay.

I’m unsure, however, if the resolution changes. I’ve tried both settings, it comes back with the exact same file size. Here’s the info for one of the images. It’s the same for either resolution setting.

Does it look good in a full-screen web browser or headset?

I think that if it looks good, that’s probably good-enough for most people that want to easily share a photo with their friends

@codetricity the delay depents on the settings in iOS

You turn on Bacground update it will be done even the application are not open on the iOS device

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