Sharing images on Google Photos

My Theta smartphone app lets me post my 360 images to and to Twitter, but as an avid Android user it would be handy to also be able to post them to Google Photos.

I am aware that the image file can be migrated from the camera device to a PC, then uploaded from there, but does anyone know if a direct post from the smartphone to the Google Photos cloud is possible?

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It worked! thanks so much for finding that.


I think you know that you can also force the upload of a single photo on Android to Google Photos by pressing the 3 vertical dots and selecting “Backup Now”. When I’m using Wi-Fi, the backup usually occurs within 30 seconds, but this may vary when you’re using mobile data.

Lol, I didn’t know. Thanks again Craig!

On most Android phones, the default is to not sync the photos over mobile data so that you don’t incur extra charges. I’m in the US where data is often charged in GB units.

I think you can configure it to backup over mobile data, but you should check the “back up now” menu item. If the item is not there, then it usually means the picture was sent to Google Photos.