Blue Line Meet Up in 2018.10.26 @Boze Is

Breaking news!

@potaro67, @michaelusami and I(@love_ikoma_toyo) had the second Blue Line Meet Up in 2018.10.26 at the Boze Is. in Seto Inland Sea,Japan.

I failed to shoot 5.4K / 5FPS “Video Mode” images with RICOH THETA V + GSV app for Android. However, 4K video is suitable for YouTube 360 video with spatial audio.

Detailed infos and more stories will be posted on LocalGuides Connect.
Stay tuned!


Prologue, Tecnical issue1, …

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Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

Was there a technical problem with the 5.4K video?

After successfully using the 5.4K video last week, I ran into a glitch with my last attempt on Friday. I’m wondering if there was a software update?

I was able to upload two videos of around 350MB each today and I made some progress on the blue line creation. I failed with other videos of around 700MB each. The upload just fails. I also had some problems with 3 other videos that were saved in 4K format, not 5.4K. I’m currently waiting for the spheres to be linked by Google.

For anyone that missed the meetup in Japan, we have a San Jose microconference on November 10. Eventbrite - Log In and Sign In

Meet people. Hack on cameras. Win prizes. Learn the cutting edge. Giveaways include THETA V, Underwater THETA case, Raspberry Pi, USB OTG gadgets for the THETA V.

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Hi, @codetricity

Fortunately, I had an opportunity to test RICOH TA-1 3D Microphone in the ship for Boze Is. Usami-san lent it to me during Blue Line Meet Up.

We were very busy in the island. interviewed, shooting, interviewed, shooting,… and potaro67 was late for joining us.

BTW, my failure was due to not having confirmed well. I should have killed THETA app from the background before shooting with GSV.

Today, I tested video recording as below.

  1. Start THETA app to record 4k video for 10sec.
  2. Start GSV app to record video for 10sec.

I haven’t reproduced the issue yet. GSV video is 5.4K.

Another Blue Line Meet Up @San Jose? Great!!
Please share the story in LocalGuides Connect, too.


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All the videos have been successfully converted to Blue Lines on Google Maps.

Enjoy again!

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Thanks! What is the ball chain method you refer to?

These shots are nostalgic for me since I used to travel through Japan with my wife many years ago before we had children. We would often take boats.

Is the car going really slowly in these types of shots?

I naturally went to try and see the Ramen Restaurant.


There were no inside shots. :japanese_goblin: Maybe you can take shots inside in exchange for free ramen? :ramen:

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