Super resolution

I need to increase the resolution of my images produced with the z1 and also to improve the quality of the files in particular by reducing noise

For this I finally engaged a raw file process developed on lightroom (+ricoh stitcher) and then processed on Topaz gigapixel

I am studying the use of Topaz denoise ai in addition to the lightroom process…

But I also found an interesting article

Do You Want More Resolution? Use Super Resolution | Fstoppers % 20reduction.

So I wonder about the possibility of increasing the resolution by this technique

Why not using the dual fisheye plug-in that I installed…

Is there an expert around who can help me with my research?

Could it be possible that ricoh integrates this technique directly into the z1 system in the future ?

I use DFE plugin and Sharpen in my workflow.
Check the result.

Good luck


I have abandoned Adobe in my workflow with the Theta Z1:
DualFisheye for brackets > Exposure X6 for chromatic and defringe > Theta Stitcher > AuroraHDR > Topaz Sharpen or Gigapixel depending on use

Thanks Mcworen,
how can you have abandoned adobe if you use the ricoh sticher?
Ricoh stitcher for DNG is only for Lightroom
I suppose you use Aurora HDR on the assembled image
Are you happy with this software ? (I had spotted him too but not tested)

Thank you very much for these link
I will read this carrefully…

There are easy to follow instructions to convert the stitcher to a standalone app so you’re not stuck with Adobe software. I use Exposure X6 to fix chromatic aberration and fringing because it offers better correction than Lightroom, then I use AuroraHDR before stitching to create the HDR from the brackets. AuroraHDR is the best HDR software there is in my opinion and it does a better job than DualFisheye.

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Thank you very much Mcworen

I was very surprised that you work on windows and with the ricoh theta stitcher because from a discussion I’ve created here it seems this was OK on Mac but not on win 10
So I’ve searched again and found a good solution
(I’ve posted my result here

I will test exposure x6 and aurorahdr
You’ve excited my curiosity!

Can you just say me what is you method to make you bracketed shoot?

Thank you very much
You help is really appreciated

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I use the Dual Fisheye Pugin to take 9 brackets at -1EV then Exposure X6 for defringe and export to tif. Then combine the tifs in AuroraHDR and balance colors and lighting and export to tif again. Stitch, then use Gigapixel to enhance and export to jpg.