DeveloperWeek NYC (June 19-20)

Hey all,

Who’s going to DeveloperWeek NYC this month? I’ll be there, demo-ing live streaming into an HTC Vive headset, and will be talking THETA V Android coding and building plug-ins.


Even if you’re not a developer, would love to connect and talk with fellow enthusiasts. It’s fun connecting with people from, and I’m always looking for new tips and techniques.

Come on by!


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Do you have some great images and videos stored on the laptop to demo at the event?

Hey all, I’ve got access to a limited number of free expo passes for DeveloperWeek next week in Brooklyn. Would love to connect with any members of this group directly and swap stories. Reply here or DM me if you’ve got a chance to stop by, happy to share.

Details on the RICOH THETA talk at DeveloperWeek. Being given by RICOH THETA Product Manager Takeharu “TK” Tone, entitled “Make your THETA - Everyone in the World can Develop Plug-ins”

Tues, 10am, Workshop Stage 2

By the way, I’ll be there and I’ll be presenting slides on plug-in details! represent! :fist:

Summary of talk:

The new RICOH THETA V boasts 4K 360° video, 4K live streaming, Spatial Audio. and more. And by building and installing apps (THETA V plug-ins) into its Android-based OS, companies can create unique money-making solutions using the world’s most popular 360° camera. This session will give an architectural and technical introduction to the THETA V development environment, including multiple examples of companies that are building their business model based on the THETA, and how you can join the Partner Program and get started developing immediately. For more information:

Talk details, time, location:

TK’s speaker bio:

First thing’s first, charging up my THETA V in SFO airport!

And changing planes in DEN, taking pictures with the nicely charged up THETA V…


DeveloperWeek starts today! It’s being held at the Brooklyn Expo Center, and my hotel is nearby, but… Wow, cool view of the Manhattan skyline!


Is the demo working?

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It’s working great, showed at least 30-40 people the live streaming into HTC VIVE on the first day, looking forward to more today.

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Please post pictures of the booth and demo.

It would be great if you also took some pictures for our own planning in the future, both with your mobile phone and with the THETA V.

Since many partners are using the THETA V still images for workflow optimization and foot traffic optimization, I think it would be great if we can apply the same optimization technique to our own work process. It would be wonderful if you can take still images with the THETA V as part of our planning preparation for future events. In the future, I’ve been thinking of taking timelapse images every hour and attaching a timestamp to the image with a plug-in for analysis later. Right now, you can manually take still images of the booth and event floor and manually note the date and time. We can then incorporate this into a report on what happened at the event.

I think we ended up demoing to about 60 - 70 people, with about 120 - 130 people total coming to the booth and asking questions and wanting to register with Really active, really fun!

Most common responses

  • Great resolution (price - performance)
  • Really transports you (would work with telepresence)
  • Form factor is impressive (small)
  • Stitching, even in Live Streaming, is imperceptible

Most common questions

  • Why Unity to build the demo? (Several reasons: @zimmermegan and others in the community posting their code provided the foundation, Unity provides lots of tools for handling streaming data)
  • Could this be done without USB? (Not yet but RICOH product roadmap indicates Q2 2018)
  • Could this be done over public networks? (You’d need to test your specific environment, but companies like GITAI are focusing on telepresence over long distances using RICOH THETA)

On the second day, we went for height! Here it is, up about 12’ in the air above the booth:

How’d it look inside the HTC Vive? Quite a wild perspective to be looking down from that height. You could see over the next row over of booths at the event.

Yes, of course, we used copious amounts of Duct tape to anchor the stand/monopole:

How does the THETA do with charging while live streaming? I started with a fully charged THETA V, had it connected into the USB 2.0 port on the laptop, and it lasted from 8:30am to 5pm the first day, recharged overnight, and then again 8:30am to 4:15pm the second day. The blue power LED was blinking by the end of both days indicating that the charge was below 30%, so it’s not fully recharging. In fact, it’s clearly slowly depleting over time. I would like to test it in a USB 3.0 port, but at DeveloperWeek, that port was being used by the HTC Vive headset on the laptop.

Thanks to all the many people who demoed!

Giving presentation on THETA V Plug-ins:

I have not tried this, but a USB to CAT5 adapter might work if you want to demo long distance.