Does Theta Stitcher take command line arguments?

Hello, is there any way to run Theta Stitcher in silent mode or with a preset to automatically stitch a photo without requiring user input? This may seem trivial, but would make a world of difference when batch processing photos via Lightroom.

Otherwise, I’m guessing the only way would be via third party app to automate hitting that ok button (and ideally stop the window from rendering in the first place if it won’t cause the app to crash).

As of Dec 2021, you still needed to hit the OK button.

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Thanks for the response. Thought I found something but hadn’t (stitcher just doesn’t open a window if you don’t specify an image file and pass it an invalid argument). Shame, it’s such an easy thing to implement…

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I’ll ask a person I know at RICOH what the current status is.

I don’t normally use the stitcher. Can you advise what the limitation of the batch processing feature implemented in version 2.0 is?

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Oh man…that’s super embarrassing. Sticher can load multiple exports in a single window, all you have to do is hit “batch” and you’re done.

Wasn’t aware of this, ran my test on a single image. I’ve been using Matterport with an SC2 up until this point and just upgraded to a Z1; there was no reason to attempt any form of HDR with the SC2’s jpeg output and import images so I’d never taken a serious look into it until the other day.

oh, nice. Unless I hear otherwise, I’ll assume that the existing feature meets your requirement and I won’t bring this feature request up with my contact at RICOH.

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