Why doesn’t Ricoh provide a stand alone sticher for Raw?

I would like not to use Lightroom for RAW files but only the Ricoh sticher?
(I’m going to look at the PT guy side but frankly the simplest would be an official stand alone sticher)

RThanks in advance

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I agree. I’m disappointed to see that I need to install Lightroom in order to stitch the photos.

Hello Guido
You should look this topic

It can help to work around the lightroom plugin
This the way I want to follow
(Darktable for raw dev in front)

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Yuqing is using the stitcher as a standalone application on the Mac.



This is very interesting!

But how does it work on Windows?
The ini format does not use XML as the plist format on the Mac.

I tried the equivalent syntax of
without success.

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Hi, @CorLeone
It’s based upon the unofficial information and doesn’t work on Windows RTS ver. 2.20. but it does properly on ver.2.10.


Hi, @jldaureil
I understand you dislike LrC subscription. However, I have no idea to use standalone RTS with other right editors. Which one do you want to do? And the editor you use can support DNG ver.1.4?


I tried both 2.10.1 and 2.20.0.
What is the relevant parameter?
As mentioned, Windows ini files don’t use XML as shown in the above screenshot.

Just add the following lines in .ini file and drop the image on .exe.


Hope this helps.

How is your workflow with standalone RTS? Please let me know that😄

Thanks for providing these details!

However, even with adding the debug section to the ini file, I still get the error message that the stitcher should be started via LR. Tried 2.10.0, 2.10.1, 2.20.0. :thinking:

Ver.2.10.1 is ok. Mac version is no ploblem.

Good luck.

Thanks a lot everybody for these tips and links
Here is my actual RICOH THETA Sticher.ini for v2.20.1 on windows 10





For info the file is located:
C: \ Users \ [Username] \ AppData \ Roaming \ RICOH \ RICOH THETA Stitcher
This directory may be hidden
In this case, you must activate the option to show hidden files, folders or drives

To start the RICOH STICHER in stand alone mode, you must:

  • either drag a .jpg or .tif image onto the executable i
    or more practical
  • use the open with function by selecting the executable (by following windows 10 should offer you the option directly in the drop-down menu displayed by right-clicking on the file)

Finally, don’t forget that the .tif or .jpg file must be in the same folder as the .dng file from which it came


Thank you for this great contribution! This will be useful for everyone.

Have a nice day.

How is your workflow with using “Standalone Stitcher”?
I think Lightroom Classic is the best for the DFE users.


Hello Toyo
I’ve finaly decided to use Lightroom classic in addition with Topaz Software.
I’ve also tested Exposur X6 (McWarren advice on this forum) but I’ve found best tools on LRc

But i suppose this could be usefull for others to have a solution for Ricoh sticher stand alone on windows…

For information TOPAZ doesn’t actually suppor tperfectly .tif 16 bits floating
But after some very interesting discussion with their exemplary technical support they consider this question :
"Thanks for your reply and I appreciate your feedback. For your question about DeNoise AI’s support for 16-bit floating point, we don’t have a timeline yet if that can be implemented in the save setting with DNG, but I’m happy to share this with our product development team as a possible feature enhancement. While we can not add every suggestion right away, we do take each request seriously and take them into careful consideration as updates to the system are planned.

I also have some news for you. I was talking with our developer about the HDR-DNG issue you had which I was able to reproduce with the file you sent us, and he is working on trying to add a fix for that crash with the HDR-DNG files in the next update of DeNoise AI so that you could save the image out as DNG or TIFF without any crash. I’d recommend you keep an eye out for the next update :slight_smile: "

An additional question to you
Is DFE the definitive best solution to make a bracketing shooting (and why ? Speed ?

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Here’s a wrapup of the discussion on this thread in video format. Thanks to everyone here for contributing!