Dual-fisheye Images With THETA V Plug-in


Hi, @codetricity,
I successfully got “Very Good” result with PTGui pro ver.11. It would be better to convert the images into Single-fisheye images.(Crop & Rotate) 4 shots 90 degrees apart definitely will improve image quality.


You can see the stitched images in Google Street View.



This is a great add. Thanks for sharing it.

How are you cropping and rotating the images? Are you using something like Photoshop? Or, are you using something like ImageMagick in an batch processing script?

I’m going to add this to the Plug-in Developer Guide that we’ll be using in the August 30 microconference in San Francisco. I will provide attribution to you.

I’m also trying to learn more about HDRi prior to the microconference. One thing I learned is that HDRi files are stored in one of three formats: Radiance RGBE, OpenEXR, or Floating point TIFF/PSD.

Will now stitch each individual image and then attempt to combine.

Ichi’s mobile app can stitch all 7 images with a single batch process.

Saving in OpenEXR format using free Picturenaut


Single HDRi file is now 96 MB in size.


Using Photoshop HDR Pro

Imported 7 images into Photoshop

Testing Scott5 preset



Testing Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) 32 bit

viewed in Ricoh THETA Desktop Application

Unity Test using Look Dev View HDRI

Drag EXR file onto Unity.

Create a new material.

Texture Shape: Cube
Convolution Type: Specular