Dual-fisheye Images With THETA V Plug-in


I’m not sure. I inspected with exiftool a few pictures straight out of the camera from both Theta S and Theta V, and it seems that PosePitchDegrees and RicohPitch always contain (almost) the same values (same happens for PoseRollDegree and RicohRoll).

Data in proprietary Ricoh tags seems to be rounded to the second decimal (i.e 5.67), while PhotosphereXMP tags (such as PosePitchDegrees) got rounded to the first decimal (i.e. 5.7).

When I rectify shots with Ricoh desktop app the Ricoh proprietary tags get dropped, and PhotosphereXMP tags are changed to zero.

Without knowing more, I’d set both pitch tags (and both roll tags) to the same values (perhaps rounding them to the first decimal).


thank you. I will specify that the PosePitchDegrees and the RicohPitch should be the same, except for the decimal place. same for roll information.


Pictures taken with the plug-in webAPI contain Exif data. These images are in equirectangular format.

Pictures taken with the CameraAPI can be in dual-fisheye mode, but do not contain Exif data. It is possible to take an image with the WebAPI as a reference for the camera orientation. Then, switch to the the CameraAPI and copy the orientation image from the image taken with the WebAPI to the dual-fisheye image taken with the CameraAPI. The following example from Ricoh may be useful.