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Error converting 360 video raw video to spherical video


I’m Rohit & I work in VR & AR services. I’ve recorded one 360 video from Ricoh Theta. After reading post on following these guidelines I’ve dowloaded Launch RICOH THETA for PC. & dragged rough video to app to convert it into spherical video but it is not showing first step of converting & saving video into sphrical format. Instead Because of that I can not move into further steps. Can somebody please help in solving this issue??

Hi be shure you have Adobe Air version 23 installed on your PC

Regards Svendus

Edit : i think we should use version 23 problems have been reported with version 24

If you still have problems after using Adobe Air version 23, not 24, please provide your OS version (like Win10 or Mac version) and RICOH desktop app.

See this problem on Windows

Hi @Rohit_Varude

I docent think i the Guide you linked to is not complete :astonished:
the THETA Video file are MP4

Problems are reported with ADOBE AIR Version 24

Drag and drop

Do not worry about the Yen sign the converted Video will be saved in the same location as the original file



if You edit the Video (Recommended)

You have to run the 360 Video Metadata Tool before Uploading to Youtube

Above it is the raw THETA video file and it has metadata
but after rendering it in a 360 Video editing program metadata are lost so
it has to be run and saved in the 360 Video Metadata Tool

Regards Svendus

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