Facebook Live 360 - only 360p after STOP streaming!

Trying new 360 livestream today, using Ricoh Theta and VMIXHD. While the stream is lived people can see it with 720p quality (check with wrench icon), compare with Youtube quality is better (youtube can go upto 1080p but very bad quality, using same workflow (camera, Vmix HD v.v…)). The issue is, after stopping this live stream there is only 360p (SD) video on my wall. Other 2D livestream is downloading with 720p quality as usual.
Pls kindly check attached photos for reference.

720p aired: http://i.imgur.com/S7OGzyU.jpg

only SD after STOP: http://i.imgur.com/N7A3wff.jpg

Do we have any work around for this!?!

It’s weird! my friend live stream a day ago, now become 720p when watching using PC. Facebook android still 360p!

The Faceboook Live 360 feature is new and we still need to collect more usage examples. Thank you for contributing your experiences.

If you can view the 720p on a PC, then a file with a 720p resolution is on Facebook. Maybe Facebook checks the bandwidth between the Facebook server and the Android phone and then downgrades the resolution automatically?

BTW, did you ever try the UVC FullHD Blender driver to try and get 1080p?

Also, to eliminate the possibility of incompatibility, can you try using one of the hardware or software solutions lists on the Facebook site. OBS is free and popular, so it might be a good tool to use for debugging the workflow.

Do you have 4Mbps upstream bandwidth?

Thanks sir!

Yes, i’m using the FullHD Blender driver, with the same settings Youtube can go up to 1080s, but facebook downgrade to 720p only.
AFAIK, event other normal livestream (not 360) facebook only allow max 720p resolution.
Only some FB’s partner might lived over 720p such as national geographic 4K live streaming.

Thanks again i will update futher information if any!

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Regarding upstream bandwidth, currently we are using the 60Mbps fiber plan (but this is confirmation from ISP only for nation server not abroad service). Do we have any way for testing upstream to facebook server?!? sth similar to speedtest.net?

I think the 4Mbps upstream might not help for Facebook livestream 1080p quality. For example, using Geforce Experience (GFE) Livestreaming feature, in the same condition GFE allow to public 1080p stream to youtube, but maximum only 720p 30fps for Facebook (this is only normal streaming not 360 livestream)

Many Thanks.

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This is great information. Thanks for sharing this experience. I have limited bandwidth and can’t test this properly myself. @jcasman any chance you can test the video resolution from your office?

Another investigation! :)))

This 360 live stream: https://www.facebook.com/fanpage.amtech/videos/656047004598394/

Becomes 720p after 2 days after aired, while other 360 live stream still 360p (which are same configuration).

The difference: the one becomes 720p is more view (~400 views and over 1.000 reach).

Hope that help!

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