Feature Request: Creating Folders

I do real estate, commercial real estate and construction work often with a Theta Z1 and when I have multiple jobs in one day, it’s quite frustrating to weed through all of the files instead of having a folder that I can click and easily find what I’m looking for.

I’d be over the moon if there was an option to add folders in between shoots and be able to recall individual folders while browsing the camera and uploading folders to the computer.

Could you please make this happen soon?

oh, this is an interesting idea. You mean, using the OLED panel on the Z1 to set the default storage location to something like folder 1, folder 2, folder 3, folder 4?

These folders are on the camera right? so, when you plug the Z1 into a computer with a USB cable, you can see the different folders?

Either on the Camera or in an app. Attached is a mockup of what it could look like!

How do you get it from the camera into the specific folder in the mobile app mockup?

Do you manually select the appropriate images and then click on a “move-to” button and then a folder selector pops open?

Pre-select/create the folder needed prior to shooting, or the option to move the files individually/group selection manually. This would provide options depending on how you wanted to setup your file structure for your particular needs.

Both options would be ideal, but sometimes there are platform limitations, especially with cameras. If the option for at least a new folder creation before shooting (like canon, sony, nikon, etc), and the option to switch to a previous or another new folder, that would be amazing.

One could even take it further and allow for the options of folder/file renaming, grouping, color marking, “favorite” selection, etc.

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