Google Streetview video mode with THETA V + iPhone?

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Hello guys,
I recently switched from android to iPhone, and Google Streetview video mode disappeared. Does the video mode work on the iPhone (not interval, but video) ?

Thank you!

Hi, @DeepEvIL
No. It works on Android devices only.
However, GoThru Streetview Builder launched.
You can use any 360 cam for creating Blue Lines.

Good luck.

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Hi, @Juantonto
you talking about - seems its a paid solution, but im not doing business with 360 camera, just my hobby to shoot streetview .

And how i should proceed: filming simple video with Theta APP. after this process them on PC ?

Thank you

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When did the Streetview app for iOS stop working with video mode?

Does the iOS version of the app work with video mode with any 360 camera?

Hi, @craig san
Street View app for iOS has NEVER been available for Video Mode pipeline since the beta release in 2017.

Now GoThru Streetviewbuilder launched. We are testing it.

We can create Blue Lines on Google Maps without any gaps.Looooog distance Blue Lines!

As you know well, SV apps in video mode always stops recording every 3 mins.This is remarkable improvement for creating Blue Lines.

We’ve successfully published them on our testing and trial. However, it won’t be displayed in Maps due to COVID-19 situation.

Stay tuned. we’ll share it here asap.
Stay safe, Stay healthy.



Hello, can i have more details, and access to beta version of this app or its just a trial ?

@Juantonto do you know if the Android Streetview app still works with the higher-resolution THETA V and Z1 video to still image conversion?

Yes. THETA V is 5.4K and THETA Z1 is 6.7K.
However, there are full of bugs and not working well due to COVID-19 situation. Blue Lines are gone.

Stay safe, stay calm.

Do you mean that the Blue Lines on Google Maps are gone or just the app?

Some of them are gone(not displayed on Maps). The recent published Lines are not working properly(clicking the Lines opens the Google made panos).

I noticed that the blue lines I made were gone. I thought that this was because the quality of my spheres were not good. Thanks for letting me know about the problem. I hope my images come back. :bridge_at_night:

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