Google Tour Creator shuts down June 2021

Brief FYI for those of you using the Google Tour Creator app. It is shutting down come June 2021! Bummer as I thought it’d be a great equivalent to Google Street View app for the Theta Z1.

Hi, @Nick_Pape
Thanks for your sharing the info.

And note that Streetview app is gone due to the revamp of SV Trusted program.
However, I have another good news.
We can create the high quality virtual tour on Google Maps with GoThru Street Editor. iOS app is coming soon.

Good luck.

Thanks. I’ve all but given up on Google Street View. Doesn’t import anything I produce from the Dual Fisheye plugin, no matter how I re-size. The standard jpg images I do manage to upload, never show up in Street View. In the past, connecting SV tours was about as painful as they could make it. I’ll try GoThru, but I really wish all this could be done easily from my PC.