How to get Noisereduction in the real Auto mode without mobile/wifi on Theta SC ...

Hi! Im very glad to have the Ricoh Theta SC, but as it is hard to get a reliable connection to my Android ( Huawei ) I need to get the Noise Reduction option to play in the real Auto Mode ( without mobile/wifi ). There is a lot of noise otherwise and the Noise Reduction does a very good job.
But I can not find how to save the automatic functions so they work in the non mobile Auto mode.


Just confirming your question: You (1) want to set Noise Reduction in Auto Mode, and (2) want to be able to continue using the settings even without being connected to the mobile app over Wi-Fi.

Is this correct?

I have an SC and can test this to see if I can see the problem you’re describing. In the meantime, I found these links in the THETA docs:

  1. Noise Reduction can be set in Auto Mode:

  2. “Shooting condition settings are retained until the power is turned off or the settings are reconfigured,” which suggests that you will have the settings saved as long as you don’t turn the camera off: (Down in the Note section)

Let me know if I understand your problem correctly, and I’ll try to help.


Thanks for answer. ( I wanted to have the Auto Settings I choose saved so they are Auto when starting the camera, but this does not seem to be an option ).

But yes, I found out while testing things, that I only need to connect once with the mobile to get the Noise reduction go on working as long as the camera is on, and that is nice. I also noticed all the blur that can appear =), when not using a tripod or just have it standing on its own.

I am very happy with the camera, nice to experiment without using my normal fisheye and have to stitch.

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@pellepiano Ok, good, that’s my understanding of how the settings work. Glad that you are happy with your THETA! If you have some experiments or examples that you’d like to post and discuss, I’d be interested in seeing more. I’m always trying to get better with settings and photography tips.

I’m fascinated by how strange the angles can be on selfies =)

Have two examples on top of my Instagram . Stockholm City Hall unrecognisable and a disco show at a theatre in Stockholm.

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Fantastic examples. The second one (not sure it’s the one you were referring to but it has this comment: “Sometimes you dont know where you are =) Selfie”) almost looks like an MC Escher drawing with all the geometric shapes. Really neat use of the camera.

Do you have the latest version of the THETA SC firmware installed? You can upgrade the firmware with either the official RICOH mobile app or the desktop app and a USB cable.

Thanks jcasman =) ( just showed for fun, no referal ).

codetricity Thanks for the tip, have no clue at the moment of the firmware version . I’ll check it and install if i dare =)

[Edit] I just updated the firmware. Still connection problems, but restarting the app after failure, it often works. And that is good as there is big difference in quality with the Noise Reduction on.