LINE Adds 360 Pictures

From the line blog.

Viewing 360-degree photos

360-degree photos are fast becoming one of the most popular tools for sharing memories in a way that’s really immersive. And now you can share them in your chats.

Your 360-degree photos are marked with a special icon so you know they’re ready to go before you send them out.

Once you open up a 360-degree photo, you can explore it and move around in all directions for a truly panoramic and immersive view.

LINE’s very popular in Japan. I use LINE because I have multiple friends and family and business contacts there. Testing the new 360 feature now. Running iOS on a iPhone 6 Plus, LINE version is 7.1.2. Appears to work, I can find 360 content stored in my camera roll and choose it and send it in LINE. I’m curious how it’s displayed on the other side. Haven’t heard back yet. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Friends say the 360 video I set ends up as equirectangular video. In other words, distorted for them. I need to do some more testing. Anyone out there accomplish this successfully? I’d like to hear about it.

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