List of RICOH THETA Apps



Yes, there’s paid-for apps on the list.


Is there an Android equivalent of “Rollworld” yet? So We can produce videos for Instagram from the JPGs produced by the Theta?


I’m not familiar with Rollworld, but the THETA app can create tiny planet
videos and images.


THETA+ Video

Small Planet

Can you let me know what Rollworld does?

There’s also this discussion on making Tiny Planet Videos with desktop


It basically animates a still image, it will scroll left - right giving the impression of spin. And it will zoom in and out from tiny planet.


here ara a link:
RollWorld - Tiny Planet Photos from Li Wang


Did you read my initial post? Looking for an Android version or equivalent.


I don’t know of anything on Android, but the functionality sounds feasible. Hopefully, someone else can recommend an Android app. Maybe @tyler.edell knows of one? He has an Android phone as well.


:grin: All right yes i did sorry mrtheta i should have answered Craig


Hi I have a little service That maybe fit in this list:

I am constantly working on it: fixing , adding new features , ect. Is a personal project and I work alone , so if you find errors and you have idea of how to improve it , I would be glad to hear them. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the post I just want to contribute with the list and offer my solution


No problem! I’ll add it. Thanks for the heads up! Carhenge looks pretty interesting, too.


Oh! I’m very glad to find out this list.
Please count us in!
We also develop a cloud-based platform for panoramic photographers to create beautiful and engaging virtual tours. And I’m pretty sure it will satisfy theta users as well. Please have a look at our website:

And a demo created by our app:

Sorry if my post’s off the track. I’m new here.


Sure thing! I’ll add it to the list. Thanks for letting me know!


Hi, Can you add this app to this list!!


Kinephy on the IPad App Store

Kinephy is an app that enables you to see what’s happening around the world
in an intuitive, visual and psychokinetic way.
Choose your favorite photos taken with RICOH THETA and upload them to a
channel that best describes the situation. Your photos will then
transform into bubbles popping out from the globe, which can be viewed
by anyone.



For HDMI in you need a grabber like the Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle


Pano2VR 5.1 What’s New: 360º Video


Updated List of THETA Apps with this news of HugVR closing their service as of March 31, 2017. Got this email:

Announcement on closing the “HUGVR” service.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude for using our service “HUGVR”, but we regret to inform you that we have stopped its service March 31 (Fri) 2017, Japan time. We have launched new VR service for Wedding “HUG WEDDING” ( that became the start of HUGVR, so we would like to efforts focus on it and offer value to more people from now on.

Please be advised that in the following details;

  • Subject service : Closing “HUGVR” website ( and iOS APP
  • Date of effectiveness: Starting March 31 (Fri), 2017
  • Warning: In connection with closing “HUGVR”, the download service of the upgrade from the App Store has been discontinued starting March 31 ,2017.

Thank you for your understanding.
Best regards,

You wanna buy HUGVR !? Contact us :slight_smile:


It’s interesting that he’s focused on a specific vertical, in this case Weddings. I remember that Mo Ho Lo Builder ( started to gain revenue traction when they focused only on the construction industry.

Though, they now appear to offer real estate management as well.

Is the owner of HugVR selling the entire company?


The email from HugVR ends with this:

And it links to It sounds like it’s an offer to buy the whole company. But I didn’t email to ask specifically.


Hey there,

My name is Wyatt and I represent KeepEyeOnBall. At KeepEyeOnBall we have developed an Android app to create virtual tours using, among others, Ricoh Theta S/SC/M15 camera.

Our tours creation tool is pretty straight forward, add the pics and link them, with or without floor plan, that is all!!. Tour already uploaded? surf it in your browser, in your desktop, smartphone/tablet, etc and of course view it in VR!!

You can find our apps in the App Store and in Google Play FOR FREE!!, just look for KeepEyeOnBall.

BTW, We’d like our app/apps to be added to the Ricoh Theta apps list, any chance? :smiley:


Added! Really appreciate your contribution to the list. It’s a great reference for RICOH THETA users. Please help promote the list - and build up your ranking!