NEW! Upgrading Firmware from the THETA Mobile App (THETA V only)

For THETA V users, you can now upgrade your firmware directly from the THETA mobile app.

I am using THETA app version 1.16.1 (iOS). “Update Firmware” is now an option in your Settings.

Note: The app states that this is only available for THETA V cameras.

The procedure for updating firmware through the mobile app is:

  1. First you download the firmware from the RICOH server to your smartphone
  2. Then you transfer the firmware from your smartphone to your THETA V
  3. Then the firmware is updated on your THETA V

Follow the Update firmware steps. Touch Start Download to download from the server…

Then touch Transfer files to camera…

Congratulations, you have a happy THETA V!

how long did it take using the mobile phone?

It seems quicker to me, but I didn’t time it. Just few minutes.

are you using a 5GHz WiFi connection between your phone and the THETA V?