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Not all images saved to Theta V during shoot

I shot my 2nd property recently and my Theta V only saved 3 images to the camera as shot while my Samsung S8 android phone with wifi saved all images through the Theta ap while shooting just fine. Any ideas on why my Theta V only saved 3 out of 25 images? Anything would be helpful. I’m new at this and FAQ doesn’t cover this topic.

Hi Roger,

I had similar issue. I used street view app to record 360 video. I can see the files available to download in the street view app on the phone but no files are visible in the THETA V app - Cam Images tab

I hope that someone expert in the matter can share some information


Thank you for your reply. This is only my second time using the still images feature for real estate 3D Pano tour. I don’t understand why I on this occasion I only had 3 images on my camera out of the 25 taken. My android phone kept all of them at full resolution in the gallery ap.

Hi Roger,

I wanted to provide you update and its not resolved it

I have been capturing google street views through Theta V camera and street view app. There is option in the app which allows to download the video& images later instead of right way. Whenever I click later button and try to download from profile tab at later time,I can’t find the videos in the Theta V Cam images and Thumbnail is shown in the street view app but doesn’t start download, its stuck at 0%

I find no issues if I download images & video just after recording.

Anyone using Theta V is aware of the issue.