Problems (and solution) with SC2 Firmware Version 1.51 Connecting to Android

As my Android apps on my Pixel 2 update automatically, there are often times when the SC2 firmware in not on the newest version and the Android app is. Sometimes this results in an inability to connect from my Android phone to the camera.

When this happens, I can’t use the mobile app to update the firmware on the camera. yesterday, was one of those days when I couldn’t connect to the camera.

Initially, I tried the following and still failed to connect:

  • restarted mobile app
  • restarted mobile phone
  • turned off mobile data, sleep, and bluetooth

Next, I used the desktop app and used a USB cable to update the firmware from 1.51 to 1.60. This solved the problem.


After updating the firmware, I was able to connect successfully with no problems.

Update from Community

Community member David Broberg confirmed that the firmware update worked for him.