React native (expo)

Hi, I need to make a functionality in which user can take picture using mobile camera and then convert it to 360 view or directly take 360 degree view image if that’s possible using recho theta api. I am not sure where to begin. What I need to do at react-native (expo) side. Do I need to have ricoh device for this? Kindly help me as I am stuck at it because of no clear path available on the internet (I have browsed). I dont know how to connect to theta api without having its device or even if that’s the way to go. Any kind of help will be much appreciated.

I’m not sure if ReactVR is still under development.

Using ReactVR with THETA Images

Most people are using A-Frame for VR applications.

This is an example with Electron

HowTo: Develop 360 Image Desktop Apps with JavaScript and RICOH THETA

There’s some information on Cordova here:

Building Cordova Apps for RICOH THETA 360 Images

There is currently no example for Expo.

Most people use these examples:

GitHub - ricohapi/theta-api2.1-ios-sdk: RICOH THETA API v2.1 SDK for iOS

GitHub - ricohapi/theta-api2.1-android-sdk: RICOH THETA API v2.1 SDK for Android

You can also use Flutter. This tutorial series will take you through each step.

Thank you for your reply. I have gone through all these and as far as I understand, all these references are directly attached with the device because they use local url (correct me if I am wrong) but I do not have any device. I just want to use api directly. That’s is what making it confusing for me. If you could please explain a bit that would be great. Thanks

There is no emulator. You will need the physical device to build a mobile app that works with the RICOH THETA APIs.

If you want to use media from the RICOH THETA to display an image, you can use the media at the link below.

Sample Media and Development Resources

Yes, I know that I need mobile device but I am talking about ricoh theta device. How can I set up local url like so that when I hit it, end points like, it returns some result. Is it my router’s url? what if my router url is different? Do I need to change it to match with Because right now if I hit this, nothings happens as there is no local server setup and may be because my router’s url is different i.e So, how can I set this up?

I want to use ricoh theta Api in my mobile app to capture picture in 360 view using my mobile camera and then display it

You need to buy a RICOH THETA camera to use the RICOH THETA API. If you do not have RICOH THETA camera, you cannot use the API.

Sounds to me like you just want to use your camera phone to take 360’s and nothing else.

If that is the case some Android cameras come with that capability, there are also apps you can get and Google Street view will let you make a photo sphere. Good chance you’re going to have a lot of stitching errors.

You’re much better off buying a 360 camera. I have several. If you want the best quality a Theta Z1 is the way to go. If you need to use it in water I would suggest a Insta360.

Theta is great but not designed for action shots.