Recalibrate internal stitching?

Is it possible to recalibrate the internal stitching of the Theta Z1?

My problem is that after a fall I have a very big stitching error at one side. If I stitch the DNG files with PTGui the result is fine but the internally stitched JPG is badly misaligned.

I contacted support but they only told me that I can try and send it to the service center in the US.

I do not believe you can recalibrate the stitching. You should consider sending the Z1 to a service center if it fell.

The API allows some control over the stitching, but not recalibration.

If you want to experiment with the API to try different stitching settings, @iantresman wrote an article on apps that you can use to send API commands to the THETA.

My hope was that since the stitcher seems to be an android app that it has stored the calibration parameters as a file or in via the persistent storage android apps store their settings.

Since we are constantly using the camera and can work with the raw files I am hesitant to send it for repair for an unspecified amount of time.

This API will delete all plug-in settings and most (possibly all) camera settings. I don’t know about the stitcher.

You can achieve a deeper level of reset (which will also delete all images) with Vysor

Your camera needs to be unlocked to use Vysor.

You can unlock your camera here:

Please back up your data and write down any critical settings.