Regarding GPS track with Theta V

Back in 2019, I used to shoot with Theta V and the old street view app to upload to Google Street View. Since the SV app is dead today, my only option is to use the Theta app to capture, then upload using Street View Studio. So, I did a small shoot with my car with theta app, and when uploading to SV Studio, the GPS track is missing.

Now does the Theta V have a built-in GPS or no? Do I have to use a GPS logger along with the shoot?


You must use a gps logger. The data track in the THETA V video file is not public. UL2GSV may be useful.

There’s some information on UL2GSV below.

The THETA X may work better as it as a GPU unit inside the camera and Google Streetview Studio works with the video files from the THETA X.