RICOH THETA Stitcher for Windows and Mac - Updated

RICOH THETA Stitcher for Windows 3.10.0 is now available. Same versioning for Mac, RICOH THETA Stitcher for Mac 3.10.0 available. It is now possible to set the roll angle for top/bottom correction up to ±180 degrees. I have no tested it personally.

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Hi Jesse(@jcasman ) san,
Now updated RTS running on Windows10 22H2 to ver.3.10.0 and tested it.

No problems here and the roll angle can be set at 180 degrees.
Ooops, my preset “set to zero” is still alive.

Thanks for quickly sharing the info.


@Juantonto I noticed in the manual that the default setting for the stitching method is Automatic, and it’s recommended that you use Automatic, but that you can set the distance for stitching. The settings appear to be 0.30/0.40/0.50/0.60/0.75 /1.00/1.50/3.00/5.00/∞ Do you ever set the stitching settings?

stitcher_manual_m_en_v3.10.0.pdf (578.2 KB)

Is this setting new?

You should take a DNG image and stitch it with the different distance settings, then post the results