SC2 does not support Wi-Fi Client Mode

Has anyone connected the SC2 with client mode? I can’t access client mode on the SC2 and the specifications do not list this feature as far as I can tell. Pressing on the Wi-Fi button on the side of the camera simply seems to turn off the Wi-Fi.


I think RICOH information confirms there is no client mode for SC2. The greyed out features indicate no support in the following screenshot.

This info is from Product | RICOH THETA SC2 - Scroll down to the “RICOH THETA lineup comparison” section near the bottom.

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Thanks for checking. I went through the API of the SC2 and can’t find the Client Mode settings. I updated the buyer guide to note this limitation. I wonder if the SC2 will be upgraded via firmware in the future?

Oh wow, I just noticed that the video performance is limited to 3 minutes… For the price difference, the V looks like a better value IMO. Also, the SC2 only has mono audio.

But, the SC2 is lighter. I can definitely feel the difference. Also, the start up time from sleep is nice. Though, the SC2 is locking up on me fairly regularly (a few times a day).