SC2 OLED with CLBT on screen

Hello, nice community. Can you tell me what a CLBT means? Thanks

which camera model are you using? the SC2B?

Oh… Sorry Theta SC2, i would like to know if it works and what this CLBT means, thanks

I have not see this before. I’m going to ask a contact at RICOH if they have seen it before.

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is there any background on when this came up? Did you upgrade the firmware and it came up? Did the battery drain? I’m still trying to track this down.

Well, I think the battery is completely empty, ,now I’m charging it with an ordinary USB cable (data transfer and charge ) connected to my home electrical socket, I don’t have the original cable. The light is steady green. Thanks for your help

Is the “CLBT” message still on the screen? Or, did it go away after you charged it?

I showed the picture a knowledgeable person and he hadn’t seen it before. He’s going to try and ask other people at RICOH. I’ve never seen the CLBT message before.

We’re trying to narrow down the conditions that could trigger the message.

Hello I’ m trying to charge It since Yesterday , at about 9:00 pm, and the light is green and message is still there, do I have to charge It from my PC USB port ? Thanks

It should charge from the wall charger if the wall charger supplied more than 500mA (which most modern chargers do supply). RICOH recommends plugging the SC2 into your computer to charge it. That would be the most reliable test at the moment.

There may be a problem with the CLBT.

Have you tried pressing and holding the power button of the SC2? Maybe around 5 seconds?

Well, I think I bought a second hand broken camera, I will contact the seller for refunds…Thanks anyway, very kind of you.Regards

good to know you can get a refund. Have a nice weekend.

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