Stitching Theta V video?

OK, I took video on my Theta V with the intention to put on Youtube. But the video is fish-eye footage as-is. I couldn’t get the Ricoh software to install and the plugin seems to be only for raw images? Is there an easy way to stitch? Ideally without a MAC or Windows machine.

you can set the camera to internally stitch the videos for NEW videos. The mobile app can set the video up to stitch inside the camera and preserve the setting going forward.

For the existing dual-fisheye videos, you need to install the desktop app (free) from RICOH and use the desktop app to convert the dual-fisheye into equirectangular (which is the format needed for the YouTube upload)

Thanks. Can you link to the needed desktop software please? Because I only saw apps, z1 software and still image software. Not clear which one can do video for the Theta V and I’ll need to check requirements to buy a machine to do this with. Thank you

This one should be able to stitch the video from the V, X, Z1.