Help Improve Craig's Street View Workflow


I’m a novice photographer. Inspired by @Juantonto in the discussion in the dual-fisheye plug-in topic, I’ve decided to improve my 360 photography.

I’m having some problems and I’ve learned some things.

After a few weeks, I’m a local guide Level 4 and have 56 of 67 photos approved for Google Maps.


Tripod elimination workflow

I can eliminate the tripod and tripod shadow with the heal feature of GIMP. This takes a while and I’m wondering if I should buy a tripod with a smaller mount point.

Example of tripod eliminated with GIMP.

In this type of shot, the tripod is visible.

The red dot is easy and quick to eliminate with GIMP. However, the tripod takes me more time to delete.

Linking images workflow

I don’t understand how to link the images. I’ve taken four shots at a local medical center. Do I need to use something like Pano2VR to create the directional linking?

The following two images can be linked.

Using Mobile App

I’m using the Ricoh mobile app outdoors and find it inconvenient to connect to the THETA V for a quick shot. I’m thinking of building plug-ins for different workflows so I don’t have to fiddle with the mobile app.

Self-Timer Delay

Using the Android app, it seems like I can only set the self-timer delay to 10 seconds maximum. Am I missing a setting in the app? I think I prefer 20 seconds so that I can hide behind a tree. The WiFi API seems like the maximum value is 10 seconds, but I can easily create a longer delay in the plug-in.

Multiple Shots While Walking

I’m thinking of putting the THETA on a selfie stick and going hiking. While the mobile app does support a good range of interval shooting, I don’t want to use the mobile phone for the setup. I would prefer to just have a plug-in that has the specific interval I like to use for walking and taking Street View pictures.

If I want to take 20 Street View pictures in a row as I walk down a path, what is the best time delay between shots? Do I need to have the GPS coordinates for every shot?

At the current time, I don’t know how to link the images, but I feel that I will figure it out eventually.

What I learned

  • HDR and normal shooting look the same to me in bright light conditions outdoors
  • It’s better if I blur the faces on people. I’m using GIMP to blur the faces right now, but may move to the automatic facial blur plug-in


Congratulation! @codetricity
Welcome to Google Street View Trusted Photographers’ world.

I usually use GIMP + G’MIC plugin to clean the nadir.


And putting such “extension” under the camera may avoid making Big tripod.


You can use the connection editor in Street View app both iOS and Android. Try to use it first. Using “Chrome + Vysor” would be better than the manipulation by the sausage finger.

However, the current version of Street View apps are facing the serious problems as below.

For iOS app,
Known issue; Image Blank on conection editor.

For Android app,
Known issue; Frozen compass slider.

Street View Discussion board in Connect is exclusive. Login with SVTP account is required. We have lots of things there.

I’ve been using Pano2VR Ver.6 since last December. It is very good, no ploblems. The third party tools(GoThru,Panoskin,Pano2VR,…etc) are needed for adding Elevator Widget.

Caption; Tap or click the floor label at the right side of image.

**** iOS Google Maps app does not display it.**

Theta V resolution increased to 5.4K

Video Mode publishing is the most advanced technique in Google Street View. Now it is still beta service. Google needs our feedbacks more and more.

Caption; Video Mode publishing with THETA V + the latest SV app Android.

Hope it helps.


@Juantonto, thank you for this help. I will go through the tips one by one. I had never heard of G’MIC before and am now looking at it.

Coincidentally, I was talking to @jcasman yesterday about graphics libraries similar to ImageMagick and it looks like G’MIC would be a good addition to the list.

I still need to figure out how to use it. Is there a specific filter in G’MIC that you are using? My interface looks different from your screenshot. I wonder if I am using the same plug-in.



Street View Trusted Photographer

Update: 2018, October, 02

I think I’m now part of the Google Street View trusted photographer program.


I also received this email.


Hi, Congrats! again. @codetricity

I always use the former version of G’MIC. GMIC-QT is the latest one. It is better for you.


Load the image. Click Filtes => G’MIC

Set the parameters as below(see pic.1).

  1. Input / Output => New layer(s)
  2. Available filters => Equirectangular to nadir-zenith
  3. Equirectangular to nadir-zenith => to nadir/zenith

Click OK and select the new layer and edit nadir by using “heal selection” or so.


Click again Filtes => G’MIC

Set the parameters as below(see pic.2).

  1. Input / Output => In place(default)
  2. Available filters => Equirectangular to nadir-zenith
  3. Equirectangular to nadir-zenith => to equirectangular

Click OK and wait a moment. Processing time depends on CPU power.


Merge down the new layer and overwrite the file. Check two options to save Exif and XMP data. This is very important.

That’s all.
Sometimes it is easier to edit nadir with using Polar coordinates.

Good luck!

These are useful threads in the SV discussion board on Connect. However, almost all of them are written in the weird Japanese. Feel free to ask me and tag me(@love_ikoma_toyo) there.の情報交換/m-p/409445ストリートビュー-アプリを使いこなす/m-p/289868サードパーティー製デスクトップツールに関しての情報を交換するスレ/m-p/246942を使い-THETA-V-の動画モードで一気に40分間の連続撮影をしてストリートビュー作成/m-p/651422初級者偏/m-p/253099天底-の処理について/m-p/243249でおさえる意味と手法について/m-p/249018日本語による情報交換の場について-自己紹介など/m-p/239733


Great information! Thank you for posting @Juantonto