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Theta SC2 exposureCompensation not set using API

I am trying to set Exposure Compensation using API 2.1 device is Theta SC2.

Same code work or Theta V but not on SC2.

In SC2 photo image meta data also showing 0 Set in Exposure.

Exposure compensation is set properly in the metadata. However, the getMetadata API does not work.

See this.

The video above many much more information is available here:

Problems with SC2

Unfortunately, _getMetadata does not work correctly on the SC2 as of July 10, 2020. You should Run the test yourself for each property you want to use to make sure that the camera is providing your app with the correct data.


metadata request


metadata response

Community Tests

exposure values with SC2

Key takeaways:

  • The RICOH API for the SC2 has a few issues. The getMetadata call does not return the correct image exposure data.
  • Correct exposure is saved to the file metadata and can be checked with ExifTool
  • The RICOH API for the THETA V works fine. The getMetadata call returns the correct image exposure data

Using a THETA SC2 (Firmware Version: 01.31), I adjusted the exposure to -0.3EV from the mobile app and took a picture.

mobile app settings

Ran getMetadata using the camera API.

Code snippet is below.

var url ='';

Map data = {
    'name': 'camera.setOptions',
    'parameters': {
      'options': {
        "exposureCompensation": 2.0,

The API returned an ExposureBialsValue of NULL . Also note that the Model and Software values are missing.

Using ExifTool I was able to look at the metadata from the raw image file

I found that the raw image contained the correct exposure metadata of -0.3.

exiftool sc2

The takeaway is that the SC2 API has some issues. It does not return the correct image exposure metadata information. However, the correct metadata is stored in the image file.

exposure values with THETA V

Firmware Version: 3.30.1, getMetadata

Initially, the ExposureBiasValue is set to zero.

V exposure bias

I adjusted the Exposure value to 1.3 from the official mobile app.

V mobile setting

I used the API to make sure that the value was consistent. Success!

V metadata API success

Using the API, I changed the ExposureBiasValue with the API to 2.

V API change exposure

I looked at the metadata with the API. ExposureBiasValue = 2. Success!

V API get metadata

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