Theta SC2 - No Auto exposure or GPS Updates during Interval Shooting

Recently purchased an SC2 from Amazon with the intent of documenting my bike rides and perhaps uploading to Google Street View. Boy am I getting discouraged. All I want to do is turn on Interval shooting and go for a ride!

  1. First off, Auto Exposure does NOT work in Interval shooting. Start off in a dark garage and ride out into the sun shine and all your photos are over exposed/blown out.

  2. GPS meta data: The app has permission to use my Location data all the time (Android), yet when I start shooting from the app and let it run while I bike around, all the photos are tagged with the location of the FIRST SHOT. Really!?

  3. The Google Street View app sees the SC2, but can’t connect (see the other posting in this forum about that)

For a 360 company that has been around for as long as it has, with the number of units it has, I’m really surprised by the lack of features for what is suppose to be their latest piece of hardware. Now, I could be doing it wrong - but I’ve spent hours trying to resolve these with no luck. Anyone else seeing this?