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Theta V : error message camera is busy + red lights

Hi there,

Sometimes during photoshoot the camera stop working and on the mobile app an error message says the camera is busy. I also noticed that when it happens the power button turns red and blinks multiple times as well as the hole in the middle of the Theta. What does it mean ? Is it a problem?

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@Berzek Can you tell me how you were using your THETA? You’re taking images using the THETA mobile app? Can you give more details on your settings? The THETA is fully charged? Have you taken a lot of images in a row? Has this happened before (red lights blinking and the THETA shutting down)?

I was using the Theta V for a real estate virtual tour (about 60 pictures in the row) and the temperature was above 30 celcius degrees. The battery level was about 60%. It happened 2 or 3 times before.

It sounds like heat could be the issue. The official stated temperature range is 0°C - 40°C, but maybe it was in direct sunlight or there were other factors that increased the temperature. If you let your THETA V cool down, do it go back to working normally?

I waited a couple of minutes and I could work again. In my opinion also heat was the issue. Thanks for your responses.

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The THETA is great for real estate. Glad to hear that it’s possible to include a short break and that the camera continues to work for you.