Theta Z1 Battery temperature error

We’re encountering frequent battery temperature errors on our Z1 while interval or video shooting. Its not hot out (~15C) or especially sunny. This device was used frequently in far warmer temperatures and for longer durations without issue last spring/summer so I’m not sure what has changed.

Any suggestions much appreciated!

Is it possible that there is a process running in the background of the camera?

  • Save all the pictures and media onto a separate backup drive.
  • Turn off camera by pressing and holding the power button for 8 seconds.
  • turn on and test again

Verify the firmware version

  • should be 2.00.1 or newer
  • use the free desktop app to check the firmware Download | RICOH THETA
  • if you updated the firmware, test again

Use force shutdown

  • press and hold the power and wifi buttons on the camera body for 8 seconds. Camera will shut down
  • test again

Delete all media from camera

  • if the above three steps do not work, try to first backup all your media from the camera, then
  • delete all media from camera after you back up the media onto a computer
  • turn off camera using step 1
  • restart camera and test again

If you are still having problems, then post this info:

  • camera firmware
  • process you are using to take the camera (such as a plug-in or other)

Thank you for your response. We’re running the latest firmware - 2.00.1. Using interval capture and no plug ins. I’ve been in contact with Ricoh support and it sounds like this is likely a sensor malfunction so we will have to have that serviced.

sorry to hear about that. Is the camera body warm to the touch when the temperature error appears on the screen?

The camera is not warm at all. This happens within a few seconds of turning it on even after its been sitting for hours.