Ricoh theta Z1 Error when switching on

Hello, the Ricoh Theta Z1 always brings errors when switched on. What can I do? The battery is full

try hold the power and wi-fi buttons down simultaneously for 8 to 12 seconds.

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Thanks, I’ve done that at least 20 times and the mistake keeps coming back

What is the error you see on the OLED? Can you take a picture of the OLED with your phone and crop a screenshot of a small picture and post it?

You may have a main board physical problem inside the camera.

thank you
The same mistake as in the picture above. Shortly after switching on you can see the normal screen for a short time and then the error Error appears immediately. I will probably send the Z1 in.

That error could indicate a main board error inside the camera.

If it is under warranty, send it in.

If you plug the camera into a Windows computer with a USB cable, I’m assuming it does not show up as an icon?


right-click and select properties