Theta Z1 wrong AP name

I’ve bought used Z1 19GB. Everything works fine except of Wi-Fi connection)
Camera starts Wi-Fi AP, i can connect to it both from Android phone and macbook.
But phone app doesnt want to see camera when i try to connect using Acces point mode button:
“Something came up. The application has cancelled the request to choose the device”
If i use Wireless LAN client mode, the app lists my camera as available to connect.
It connects and i can see recorded images but cant use preview window (lower right button with logo):
“Unable to connect to the camera. Check the Wireless settings”.

Strangest thing: Camera AP name visible as TEHTAYNxxxxxxxxx instead of THETAYNxxxxxxx.
I suspect this naming error doesnt allows to use camera’s WiFi correctly.

Is there any way to fix AP name? May be with some developer’s tools access?

Thanks in advance

I have never seen that problem before. You can try to reset the WiFi by pressing and holding the WiFi and mode buttons for 11 seconds.

Thanks for your reply!
Yes i’ve reset wi-fi by long pressing buttons - no luck! Password is correct - last digits of camera serial number, but camera’s access point name is wrong - incorrect letters order: TEHTA instead of THETA.

Even after resetting to factory state via Vysor the AP’s name is the same)
So camera is half-usable yet) I can shoot and use plugins but cant connect it to iphone.
It connects to Android phone but as a CLIENT of camera’s own AP (third button in the app’s connection page)

Did you try upgrading the firmware?

Did you try resetting with Vysor by deleting everything?

If you put the Z1 in AP mode and you see the list of access points with your laptop, does it still show


I’ve never seen this type of problem before.

Hi Graig!
Yes I’ve tried to erase everything with a Vysor reset. No luck - AP name is the same)
Well I’ve decided to dig deeper)
There are some tethering settings in Vysor.
Here is the screen:

You can try to rename AP here, in Set Up AP screen
It’s not so easy btw. You can’t type AP name directly, but only with unreliable Cut-Copy-Paste )
After some tries i was able to rename AP to correct name:

After that all apps work smoothy: i just start the phohe app and it immediately shows the picture from camera!
Bad news: it works until reboots) After turning camera off and on the AP name returns to wrong factory name TEHTA…

If you can share this with Theta’s manufacturers please. They are only people who can fix that i think.

Thanks in advance

when it shows the incorrect spelling, can you connect to it with the WiFi settings of your phone?


The password is just the numerical digits.

Maybe you can use the mobile app if you first connect your phone to the THETA using the phone’s WiFi setup, not the in-app connection?

Yes I can connect the phone to camera’s AP (TETHA…) with standard numeric password (serial number).
The problem has been described in my first post: i can connect with Android phone using Client mode button despite of phone connected to camera’s AP)

the official RICOH THETA app won’t communicate with the camera if the the phone and camera are already connected with WiFi in AP mode?

As i described before the official RICOH THETA app won’t communicate with the camera until i use Wireless LAN client mode button. So the camera becomes client of its own AP)
When i temporally set correct name of the camera’s AP the app connects smoothly and instantly. But only until first reboot)
May be somewhere in firmware the app searches for full name (including THETA letters) while choosing WiFi and connecting to it. It can’t find that AP because of strange typo error (TEHTA…) and refuses connection.