Transparency issues

In this screen shot I have arrows pointing at 2 circles on the floor. These 2 spots are coming in from the first floor below this floor. If you click on them, you are taken to the stairs below. Would more scans of that room avoided that issue? It was a medium sized bedroom, I did maybe 4 scans in that room, or 3.

Can I go back to that room and add scans? Would that fix this transparency issue?

I’m using a Theta Z1, uploading to Matterport

Are those physical circles on the floor of the room?

First confirm that _visibilityReduction is disabled.

It is in the official RICOH THETA mobile app. It may say something about tripod image reduction or something along those lines. You may have enabled it to reduce the impact of the tripod, but it may be snipping off more than just the tripod.

ok thanks for the help!