Upgrading to Firmware 2.30.1 by Developers Highly Recommended

Firmware version 2.30.1 is available. theta360.guide has tested in with several different plug-ins, and it works well. We have also interacted with multiple developers who have upgraded to 2.30.1 and results are very positive.

Release Notes

  • It is now possible to use Developers Mode. This means if you register with the THETA Plug-in Partner Program and are accepted, you will be able to download a version of the desktop app that allows you to unlock your V yourself. You cannot do plug-in development with a locked V.

  • The desktop app needs to be updated to the newest version (Version 3.5.0 or higher).

Other improvements:

  • You can save shooting conditions set with a smartphone on the camera.

  • Shooting conditions registered in My Settings will be enabled when you turn the camera on while not connected to a smartphone.

  • You can only use My Settings for still images.

  • Requires the latest version of the smartphone app (iOS 2.1.0 or above, Android 1.19.0 or above).

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There’s a slightly newer version as of July 2 which addresses “bug fix.”

Version 2.31.1