VR with Round Me Angel Island Immigration Station, Angel Island State Park, California

Just testing

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This is cool. Have you ever experimented with viewing the Roundme tour inside of HTC Vive? I think that the shots would look great in a headset. Also, I notice that the images are somehow unable to viewed if I look up and down. Did you not want the audience to look around in the vertical direction? I can only rotate the images horizontally.

Hi Craig, thanks for the feedback…

When I view it on the iPAD , seems I can do the rotation, also with the mouse on my Mac Laptop in Chrome Browser seems to be OK…


I don’t have the “fun stuff” like you guys, only a cheapo Google Cardboard Viewer…so no HTC Vivo…:wink:

m really looking for standalone app to run on an iPAD then can share with schools that may not have Internet Access…

Also as I offered to Jesse, when you are in area, please let me know if you want to venture to Angel Island be glad to take you there and use your your great expertise and great equipment…

You guys have done so much for this group.

Just let me know.

Thanks again


Ben, Thanks for putting this tour together. I’ve never been to Angel Island and found it fascinating. You took some really great shots.

My ancestors entered into the US from the late 1800s through the early 1900s. Life seems so much easier and comfortable now than it was a century earlier. Looking at these historical sites makes me feel that there’s a bit more toughness in all of us than we see in ourselves.

Hi Craig,

Pics would definitely be better with you and Jesse taking the shots…I am pure amateur

Although Chinese, i go to a Japanese church in San Lorenzo here in Bay Area…we have folks that have endured the internment which I believe is another piece of history that is tragic.

As for Angel island, a lot of the picture brides from Japan came through the Immigration Station to meet their “Married at First SIght” husbands.I think a few thousand…

Then during the war, the barracks was a POW camp and there are still inscriptions that are in Japanese…

Are you up in this area? Would love opportunity to take you there.


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