Wireless live streaming with Theta Z1(I lost)

I can do live with Z1 with OBS using PC.
But I tried to do it with my smartphone wireless.
I couldn’t.

I want to do live while I’m outside like hiking.
I launched and followed this.

But I couldn’t make it.

Is there any video tutorial or please let me know about it again?

this is old, but may still have relevant information.



I will check it.
Thanks for the answer~


just a few notes from my end about wireless streaming and hiking. I did some development work to get the maximum quality out of my Z1 and as a result here are a few samples, using my own plugin: https://www.flow.tours/en/product/33 , https://www.flow.tours/en/event/vigado . Sorry, not sure what hiking means for you… :slight_smile:

What I want to highlight is that for a proper quality you need about 18-20mbs upload speed on your mobile device and above live streams I did in city center, where network speed was good enough. Usually at hiking places, the bandwidth is worse, at least in my place. If there are particular locations test the upload speed there…as without a constant 18-20mbs upload bandwidth, you may never get the quality you expect during live stream. You can use on mobile too to measure: https://www.speedtest.net/ but pick an international destination for testing as local bandwidth may not be the same.



thanks for the reply.
i think in korea i can do live without worry about speed.
anyway i will check your advice.
tha ks again.

I tried but it’s not working.
is there any video tutorial for it?
not in the office, only with phone and z1.

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